Recipe : Make an At-Home London Fog!

A classic and favourite of many, the London Fog is a staple at many a cafe, and for good reason.  The gentle, citrusy flavours of a good earl grey tea combined with sweet vanilla and warm, rich milk are the perfect way to combat the chill of autumn.  The best part?  Making an at-home London Fog is easier than you think!  

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Earl grey tea (we have several delicious options to choose from!)
  • Steamed milk (or milk-alternative, if you prefer)
  • Vanilla syrup (this is optional, if you prefer less sweetness you can skip this ingredient, or switch up the flavour for something unique!)
  • Your favourite tea mug! (take a look at our selection of mugs & drinkware to update your collection!)

Here’s How to Brew:

To start off, you’ll need to make steamed milk – no espresso machine with equipped steam wand? No problem! Using a stovetop steamer is one of many great ways to make at-home steamed milk for specialty beverages, and you can also find electric steamers fairly easily. Check out our Equipment & Gear for milk steaming & frothing!

  1. With your milk prepared and your favourite mug ready, it’s time to activate your tea (this is an important step!  To allow your tea to steep properly in a liquid other than water, the tea leaves must be “activated”).  To do this, simply immerse the tea in hot water (make sure to use the correct temperature!) for a few seconds, then discard the water and add your tea to the prepared milk.
  2. Add whatever flavouring or syrup you like, allow to steep, and enjoy!

*Steeping time can vary with a London Fog depending on your preference – as long as the liquid isn’t too hot, you shouldn’t have problems with burning or over-steeping your tea, so you can steep away for a stronger beverage!