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TAZO’s China Green Tips is made with spring-harvested máo fēng tea, a tea that has long been highly regarded for its superb quality. Máo fēng refers to the region this renowned tea is from, it is sometimes also referred to as huáng shān máo fēng (or Yellow Mountain Fur Peak). Grown in the Anhui Province in the south-eastern part of China, the leaves are picked in the first weeks of spring and steam-fired to produce this fresh, renewing blend.

Ambassador Tea Tips – For the best tea drinking experience, the right prep can go a long way.  Most teas will include steeping instructions on the packaging, but when in doubt, try out the following:

Green tea / 3–4 minutes / 79°C
If you are finding your green tea to be bitter, your water may be too hot (green tea burns very easily!).  Green teas also benefit from a quick rinse before steeping (just fill up your cup with prepared water to submerge the tea, discard, then fill the cup and steep!)



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