Pluck Tea Butterfly Pea Flower Loose Tea Bag/25 g

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100% Superfine ground butterfly pea flowers make this a stunning base for indigo blue, caffeine-free lattes.

Brewing: Butterfly pea flowers have a subtle sweet-pea aroma and flavour. To make a latte, measure 1/2 tsp into a latte mug. Infuse with 2oz hot water, and then add freshly steamed milk (or alternative) to the mug. Try adding naturally flavoured syrups to the latte such as vanilla, chai, or lavender for a spectacular drink – served hot or cold. 

How to Steep the Perfect Butterfly Pea Flower Latte 

  1. Measure 1/2 tsp Butterfly Pea Flower into latte mug or bowl
  2. Add 2oz freshly boiled water, stir
  3. Steam 6-8oz milk (dairy, soy, nut) separately
  4. Add frothy milk to the latte mug or bowl
  5. Enjoy!


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