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Caliber Coffee Roasters is a micro coffee roaster in Regina, Saskatchewan. Enjoy freshly roasted beans from a local Canadian business!

Roast: Medium | Notes: Pomegranate + Caramelized Banana + Dark Chocolate

From the Caliber Roast Master:

Rwanda’s coffee production has seen a resurgence after being in decline thanks to the introduction of sweeping infrastructure and education investments to improve processing and traceability.  Most notably, legacy bourbon varieties have been revived to the amazement of coffee drinkers everywhere!    

From the boutique Kivubelt group in western Rwanda, this coffee comes from the Jarama Farm in Nyamasheke District, featuring rich terroir and the cool, humid climates of Lake Kivu. The farm is as sustainable in agriculture as it is important in local employment and education. Kivubelt has planted 90,000 coffee trees on their estates, which now employ more than 400 people during harvest months.

I decided on a medium roast for this exceptional coffee, and the result was jammy with some tropical fruit and pomegranate, along with caramelized banana and dark chocolate notes—it’s somewhat reminiscent of banana bread! Brew as a pour-over to realize all the complexities this coffee has to offer.


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