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Caliber Coffee Roasters is a micro coffee roaster in Regina, Saskatchewan. Enjoy freshly roasted beans from a local Canadian business!

Roast: Med-Dark | Notes: Peat + Dry + Lime | Certified: RFA, UTZ

Talk about an interesting coffee—you won’t want to skip this read! This sought-after Indian coffee is unique because of the special Monsooning process the green bean undergoes. Back in the day, when merchandise was transported using sailboats on the high seas, a trip to Europe from the far east could last several months—often in hot and humid weather conditions. As a cause of the intense humidity, the green beans’ colour and taste would transform—they would turn yellow and take on a distinctive flavour. It was soon discovered that this unique flavour was a direct result of the exposure to these special environments, and a new process was sought to replicate those conditions. Today, the Monsoon Coffee taste is recreated by subjecting the processed green beans to the monsoon winds and rains for several weeks, causing them to swell, lose their acidity, and eventually turn yellow in appearance. Standing apart in the world of coffees, Monsoon coffees produce a phenomenal flavour profile when appropriately roasted. Our Roast Master decided on a medium-dark roast profile for this incredibly large green bean, and the result was an amazingly complex, dry, and delicious coffee. The first sip reveals some cedar, malt, and pepper, which then quickly dissipates into a pleasing, very dry complexity of flavours including peat moss, spice, lime, and grapefruit. Its wild taste is ideal for those seeking an interesting and complex coffee. India Monsoon Malabar—pick some up today!


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