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Caliber Coffee Roasters is a micro coffee roaster in Regina, Saskatchewan. Enjoy freshly roasted beans from a local Canadian business!

Roast: Light | Notes: Cherry + Orange Chocolate + Apple

Guatemala is known for its high altitudes, mineral rich soils, frequent rainfall in most regions, and as many as 300 unique microclimates.  Today coffee is grown in 20 of Guatemala’s 22 departments, with around 270 000 hectares dedicated to coffee production – 98% of which is shade grown.  The country’s coffee production is almost exclusively Arabica and is predominantly prepared using washed methods, although natural and various semi-washed methods are gaining popularity with increasingly excellent results.

La Finca Santa Clara is in the beautiful Antigua Valley.  Antigua is arguably Guatemala’s most renowned coffee growing region—its rich volcanic soil, low humidity, abundant sunlight, and cool nights are ideal for producing extraordinary coffees.  The notably dense canopy aids in protecting the coffee plants from the region’s occasional frost on very cold nights.  Surrounding the valley around the city of Antigua (from which the region gets its name) are Guatemala’s three active volcanoes: Agua, Fuego, and Acatenango.  Every so often Fuego adds a fresh dusting of mineral rich ash to Antigua’s soil – the volcanic pumice that blankets the soil helps retain moisture, offsetting Antigua’s low rainfall.

Ricardo Zelaya’s philosophy and passion all play a role in the farm’s success and his internationally recognized coffees.  Rich volcanic soil and strict shade-grown growing controls produce exquisite and aromatic coffees.  Honey processed coffees tend to be more complex than washed coffees, and Santa Clara Honey is no exception.  The green borboncito varietal coffee is sorted by the pickers before arriving at the wet mill.  Once there it is passed through a syphon to separate unripe or defective cherries, known as “floaters”.  After sorting and removal of the skins and pulp, the coffee is dried without washing off the sticky-sweet outer layer of the fruit.  

To preserve the complexity of this outstanding example of the honey processing method, our Roast Master has roasted this coffee to a light roast.  Rich and juicy, Santa Clara Honey has notes of ripe red cherries and delicate orange chocolate that balance beautifully with a refreshing green apple finish.



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