Caliber Colombia Huila Coocentral Beans Bag/340 g

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Caliber Coffee Roasters is a micro coffee roaster in Regina, Saskatchewan. Enjoy freshly roasted beans from a local Canadian business!

Roast: Light | Notes: Raisin + Cashew + Kiwi

Colombia is world renowned for the exceptional coffee they produce, which is why we always try to keep one of their best in our offerings. Colombia Huila is that coffee! The central Huila coffee grower’s co-operative (COOCENTRAL) has approximately 4000 associates in seven of the Huila region’s center municipalities. Their mission is to become a local, national, and international co-op model committed to the farm associates and their local communities and environments. They oversee and ensure business that is profitable as well as sustainable and socially responsible. Our Roast Master has decided on a light roast to let through the subtle nuances of this exceptional Colombian coffee—with a tea-like body and subtle notes of cashew and raisin, followed by a pleasing kiwi finish, it’s sure to become the best part of your day!



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Roasted in Canada, Roasted in SK

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