Caliber Brazil Seven Falls RFA Beans Bag/340 g

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Caliber Coffee Roasters is a micro coffee roaster in Regina, Saskatchewan. Enjoy freshly roasted beans from a local Canadian business!

Roast: Medium | Notes: Cashew + Creamy + Cocoa | Certified: RFA

Sete Cachoeiras Estate Coffee group is dedicated to social and environmental projects. Their Health-for-All program provides support to monitor the health and well-being of employees and their families. The employees are given the support necessary to ensure their residences meet or exceed living standards for a better quality of life in rural areas. The women residing in the Sete Cachoeiras Estate are encouraged to participate in the Crafts Project whose purpose is to increase family income through the manufacture and sale of homemade jams and other crafts.
Environmentally, the coffee farm is managed with both modern and ecological technologies. The area supports native forests and reforestation programs. Fifty percent of the area is devoted to growing coffee, while twenty percent is dedicated to the farm’s operations & dwellings. With robust goals for the reforestation of the ciliary and native forest, the group has recently signed a partnership with the SOS Mata Atlântica foundation, with emphasis on the construction of ecological corridors and diversification of fauna and flora.



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Roasted in Canada, Roasted in SK

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