Caliber Brazil Jaguara Beans Bag/2 lb

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Caliber Coffee Roasters is a micro coffee roaster in Regina, Saskatchewan. Enjoy freshly roasted beans from a local Canadian business!

Roast: Medium | Notes: Dark Chocolate + Walnut + Orange

Jaguara farm dwells in Campo das Vertentes, a region in the Minas Gerais state once known for its gold reserves. André Luiz took over his father’s farm in 2001 and went on to participate in the 2019 Cup of Excellence contest with one of their micro-batches. The coffee they produced was ranked as the fifth-best Brazilian coffee! Roasted to medium, our Jaguara has notes of chocolate and walnut with a subtle, citrusy orange finish!

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908 grams / 2 lb

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Roasted in Canada, Roasted in SK

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