Bigelow Orange Spice Teabags Box/28

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Warm up with a perfect balance of tangy orange and zesty spice! One of Bigelow’s most popular blends, orange spice is equal parts soothing and invigorating.

Ambassador Tea Tips – For the best tea drinking experience, the right prep can go a long way.  Most teas will include steeping instructions on the packaging, but when in doubt, try out the following:

Herbal tea / Up to 15 minutes (or as suggested by manufacturer) / 100°C 
Herbal teas aren’t truly tea in the traditional sense.  Teas are produced from a specific plant (the Camellia sinensis, or “tea plant”) which is then processed in a variety of different ways to produce various types of tea.  One of the primary methods of processing tea leaves is oxidization.  This is also the process that defines what kind of tea you end up with; more oxidization time will yield darker tea – which is how black teas are made, while white and green teas are oxidized the least.  Herbal “teas” are made up of different blends of flowers, spices, fruit, and other ingredients, excluding any actual tea leaves (which is why herbal teas do not have any caffeine).


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