Alicja Dark Hot Chocolate Organic Bag/200 g

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Alicja Confections started in 2015 as a creative outlet.  They use classic techniques of chocolate making before applying their unique brand of creativity to create new, weird, interesting, funky, and delicious flavours you won’t normally find anywhere else.  (How is ‘Alicja’ pronounced? ‘Ah-lee-tsee-ah’)

Organic is a dark organic hot chocolate, inspired by Alicja Confections’ Organic Postcard Chocolate Bar.  This hot chocolate is dark and natural, made with cocoa from the Madirofolo plantation in the north of Madagascar.  The plantation is surrounded by tamarind trees which give the beans their unique fruity flavour. 

Mix 2 tbsp (28 g) / cup of boiling water or milk and enjoy!

Alicja Confections sources their chocolate from Cacao Barry – who are certified sustainable under the Cocoa Horizon program. Alicja Confections are committed to empowering cacao farmers to improve their incomes and stay active in supporting industry programs that aim at eradicating abusive child labor, keeping ecological sustainability in mind.


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