Thermal Servers

  • When sourcing our thermal servers we keep a few important things in mind. They must keep the coffee hot, be easy to clean while fitting in with every office’s decor. Our Zojirushi brand thermal servers are made in Japan to exacting standards. Zojirushi has been part of our line-up since 1994 and each new model brings features that you will love.  


    We offer a 2.5 liter thermal server in “short” and “tall” versions. They are the same server with the only difference being a base that creates the tall version. The base is very easy to attach or detach quickly.  Ideally if your office kitchen can accommodate a full height tall drip coffee maker then using the tall servers will be the best user experience.

  • The Thermal Gravity Pot® Beverage Dispenser keeps beverages tasting fresh for hours by utilizing the force of gravity to dispense beverages, minimizing oxidation. It features a high quality vacuum glass liner with excellent heat retention.


    • Detachable serving base
    • High quality vacuum glass liner
    • High impact plastic body resists dents and corrosion
    • Fold down handle with name tag holder
    • Removable drip tray
    • Taller serving base (7-1/2 inch opening) also available
    • NSF certified (AY-AE25N NSF Component certified)



    Color: Black
    Heat Retention: *172°F @ 10 hrs. / 147°F @ 24 hrs.

    *Rating is based on water at a starting temperature of 203°F (95°C) at a room temperature of 68°F (20°C)