Loaned Equipment Terms and Conditions

The Customer and Ambassador Coffee Service agree to abide by the following terms and conditions.

The equipment on loan is property of Ambassador and supplied to the Customer. The Customer acknowledges receipt and agrees to return the equipment in the same condition in which it was received, reasonable wear and tear excepted.  Customer agrees to hold Ambassador harmless with respect to any claim for injury or damage to persons or property resulting from the equipment while on the Customer’s premises. Ambassador will maintain the mechanical functions of the equipment. Replacement parts and labour will be provided at no cost to the Customer unless damages are deemed to be the direct result of failing to perform the user tasks or the direct result from misuse or abuse of the equipment.

Customer agrees to perform all routine user care tasks to ensure the equipment is kept clean and sanitary. Routine user care tasks can be found at

Either party can cancel this agreement at any time for any reason with 30 days notice. Cancellation notice should be submitted via email to

Upon cancellation, the Customer agrees to return the equipment in the condition it was received, normal wear and tear excepted.            

Legal title and ownership of rental equipment including water lines and installation materials shall remain with Ambassador during the entire time the equipment is on loan. The Customer may not move, relocate, assign, transfer, sublet, lend, dispose of or in any way alter the equipment, without the expressed written consent of Ambassador. Upon cancellation, the Customer shall immediately surrender the loaned equipment, installed water lines and installation materials to Ambassador.

Ambassador does not manufacture any equipment and does not assume liability on behalf of the manufacturer.  Ambassador is committed to resolving all mechanical failures. In the unlikely event that equipment is unable to be repaired onsite Ambassador will make arrangements for placement of a temporary machine with similar functions until ordered parts are received for the errant machine. In the event the machine failures are a direct result of the Customer failing to perform the user care tasks Ambassador will invoice the Customer $125 service charge to resolve malfunctions of the equipment. Ambassador provides free local service calls in response to mechanical failures or programing errors. Ambassador provides free of charge the onsite orientation and instruction so that the Customer’s personnel are capable of performing all required user care tasks to ensure the hygiene of the equipment between the visits of Ambassador.