What is coffee service?

Simply put, coffee service is having an on-site space dedicated to providing coffee and other beverages.  What this looks like for your business depends on your wants and needs – whether you have a small workforce or a large, multi-floored office building, we’ll work with you to determine the best outfit for your business.

What can I expect with a coffee service?

Key factors for a good coffee service are ease-of-use and good quality products.  Equipment that works for you and is easy to maintain is essential and should be the priority in establishing your service needs.  The equipment we offer is curated based on our years of experience in coffee service and the standards we have built.

Key things to keep in mind when considering products are quality and accessibility.  It is impossible to cater to everyone’s tastes – no coffee service will have 100% approval from everyone you employ; staff will still frequent their favourite café, and many won’t be coffee or tea-drinkers.  Though we have some specialty products, our products have been primarily selected for quality and versatility. 

Even the best coffee service is not going to please everyone.  It is important to keep in mind what coffee service in a business setting is designed to be – accessible coffee for clients and staff.  A coffee service is not going to offer café-quality beverages, and nor should it.  Our goal is to find a happy medium between you and your staff/clients – we want you set up with effective, hassle-free service that complements your business and enhances the work you do. 

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