How does ambcoffee.ca fit into ADI, and how does it work with ACS, ACR, and Caliber Coffee Roasters?

Ambassador Distributing’s online site functions as a multi-business ecommerce site for Ambassador Coffee Service, Caliber Coffee Roasters, and Ambassador Coffee Retail. We built ambcoffee.ca to provide an intersection where the three businesses within Ambassador Distributing Inc. could create and maintain an independent online presence, and where we could grow and expand on our goal of providing quality coffee and services to Saskatchewan.

Ambassador’s B2B coffee service and wholesale accounts have access to ambcoffee.ca through their connected ERP accounts, granting B2B customers the convenience of online ordering. The website also functions as the ecommerce platform for both Caliber Coffee Roasters and Ambassador Coffee Retail; however, the ecommerce shop is run as a separate entity from both retail stores.

We look forward to continuing our growth and building ambcoffee.ca into an online hub for excellent coffee and coffee-know-how in the prairies!